Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby blankets~

Softball baby blankets 26 by 36 inches

Soccerball, cleats 26 by 32 inches

Baby boy blankets ~30 by 36 inches.

Green with brown animals, 30 by 32 inches

Baby blankets~

light green with elephants and moon/ light yellow

teddy bear with stars, 30 by 36 inches

rocking horse, baby buggy/ yellow 28 by 34 inches bunnies , bears and cats, 28 by 34 inches

Baby blankets~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New medium blankets 48 by 60

Monkeys on purple fleece / other side is all pink.

Breast cancer ribbons/ other side is all bright pink.

Dinosaurs on blue/all orange on other side.

Medium fleece blankets 48 * 60 inches, 26.95 + 9.95 shipping.

I will be selling fleece blankets on Mama Bears Fleece Blankets, and Gary wil be making the wood signs @ http// , there is a button @ the top of the page to click on it will take you to my wood sign store..

Thank you for looking .

Have a great day!