Sunday, June 12, 2011

Farm Chicks Show !!

Love this , i think i will put it on a sign for my house...

Sorry this picture is a little blurry..

Paris, mom, Andrew, Deztany and McKenzie. Having a great time at the Farm Chicks Show..

I have been so inspired since attending the Farm Chicks Show.. I have been working on getting both of our stores up and running . Before we used these stores too raise funds for our special needs adoptions. Now we really need to build up business on both stores . You all may not have heard that Gary my hubby lost his job back in April. After being with this company for 15years.

So now we need to ge busy on our stores ..

Well thanks to the Farm Chicks Show~~ We are working very hard with makong new signs and blankets . Also getting a new line on our Country Store of vintage finds . Oh i cannot wait to gt it all together on the stores.. But it is rainiong here it seems like everyday. I really need to have some nice days to set up a store in our garage to display all of our new and used items.

Anyway back to the Farm Chicks Show~ It was the best !! We loved it , the kiddos loved it .. There was so many nice people to talk to and meet. We got so many new ideas , and new inspiration from the folks that we met. I sure hope we can attend the Farm Chicks Show every year from now on... How amazing it was to attend , maybe some day we can be a part of the Farm Chicks Show . That would be awesome to be able to sell our things old and new there..

So thank you nice vendors of the Farm Chicks Show !!!! You have inspired us greatly...

Serena you are the best... We all really loved the show... You are a big inspiration to us all!!!
Thank you so mcuh,

The Campbell Family